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Nepal Orphanage


Nepal is a country of soaring mountains and valleys in the Himalayas. Because of the steep terrain, lack of natural resources and inaccessibility, it has remained poor.

Housing on Steep Terrain
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About Nepal

Kathmandu Orphans
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Nepal has the lowest per capita yearly income in South Asia; a mere AU$298 in 1997

The majority of Nepalese live in rural, agricultural areas, but urban population density is swelling.

Kathmandu Crowding
Kathmandu Crowding

The numbers of street and working children are increasing, while the basic literacy rate is only 52%. There are estimated to be 26,000 children of the street, i.e. those who both work and live in the street (Unicef, 1996). Half of these earn around AU$0.45 per day by rag picking for at least 8 hours per day. One quarter have received work injuries.

Many girls are duped into sexual exploitation. In 1996 Unicef estimated that each year, 4,000 to 5,000 girls between 10 and 14 years old are trafficked to India.

Nepalese Child Exploitation

There is an enormous task of education and health improvement facing the country; but despite major efforts, the situation continues to get worse. Increasing population and the declining fertility of farmland, mean that there is a constant stream of people from rural areas into the cities.

Nepalese Orphanage

In March, 2006, we began funding an orphanage and a widow’s home in Kathmandu. The orphanage has moved out of a slum area to more secure housing. The general health of the children has also improved.

Kathmandu Orphans
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This image was taken on one of Paul's trips to Kathmandu, Nepal, where we are the sponsors for an Orphanage and Widow’s Home.

This image shows children at the orphanage receiving gifts.

Kathmandu Orphans Receive Toys
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